181 pounds with big teeth: a fierce battle fishermen, and sharks caught on video

181 килограмм с огромными зубами: ожесточенная схватка рыбаков и акулы попала на видео

In the USA, two fishermen met in battle with a shark that weighed 181 pounds. The men caught the shark, took a picture with her and let go.

Video of the fight leaked online and has already garnered over 300 thousand views on Youtube.

Americans Joshua Jorgensen and Ryan, its sport fishing and filming their adventures on video. So, this time they floated on the river in Florida and noticed the shark. They decided that they must catch a dangerous fish.

Joshua Jorgensen and Ryan NITC caught a shark on the bait. The predator instantly grabbed her. It turned out that this is one of the most dangerous sharks in the world — bull or roundnose shark. She swallowed a huge fish, which the men used as bait and left only her spine. The video shows that the fishermen did not expect to stumble to such a shark.

Netizens said that the Americans caught one of the most dangerous and aggressive sharks in the world. Some joked that he would cancel my plans to swim in the river on the weekends.

Interestingly, on the personal page in social network Instagram Ryan, NITC issued a statement in which he called on mankind to save sharks in the wild.

“The science is clear … sharks can not withstand the stress, because they are trapped, and leads to high mortality rates. It’s frustrating, sorry. The current methods are unacceptable. All should be ashamed. Sharks need help!” the message reads the fishermen.

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