35 years later, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner will be in The Method Kominsky

35 ans après, Michael Douglas et Kathleen Turner vont se retrouver dans La Méthode Kominsky

She will play the ex-wife of Sandy in the series to Netflix.

They formed a mythical couple of the 80s in the cinema. 35 years ago, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner gave the reply in the continuation of the green diamond (1984), before ending up some time later in the sequel the jewel of The Nile (1985), then in the War of The Rose (1989).

In 2019, the duo will re-form on the small screen in The Method Kominsky, including the season 2 is expected soon on Netflix. Nice wink from the writers, Turner will be in the skin of Ruth Baderman’s ex-wife Sandy Kominsky (Douglas) and mother of Mindy (Sarah Baker). It should only appear in one episode, but the reunion will of course be full of nostalgia for fans of movies from the 80’s.

Kathleen Turner, who is also known for having been the Peggy Sue of Francis Ford Coppola or the dad trangenre of Chandler in Friends, replaces up to Jacqueline Bisset, who was to embody the role in the original.

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