5 basic rules that will save you from stress

5 элементарных правил, которые уберегут от стресса

Stress is a very unpleasant companion the average person. Public transport, problems at work, personal life, all of which can undermine our morale. Even the most beloved work is a source of stress. It is reported by the Clutch.

Stress is a condition of the body, which is involved in all of his reserves. Stress can be caused by negative factors and positive — for example, creativity.

Prolonged uncontrollable stress does not allow the body to return to normal.

Don’t underestimate the stress and ignore it, because it affects many processes in our body and can cause unpleasant effects: weight gain, unstable hormones, mood swings, and besides all this — problems with the skin.

The latter may manifest as a rash, and in more serious form.

We will talk about 5 basic ways to improve the quality of life and reduce the impact of stress on the body.

5 элементарных правил, которые уберегут от стресса

A half-hour walk in the fresh air is beneficial for your eyesight and posture but also improves mood. Particularly effective is a pastime in the Park or any other green part of the city.

5 элементарных правил, которые уберегут от стресса

Skin care

It is not necessary to wait for the rashes caused by stress, will pass by themselves, consult a dermatologist and pick up the tools that will improve condition of the skin.

5 элементарных правил, которые уберегут от стресса

No matter what you choose: athletics, fitness, flamenco, yoga or pole dance, any physical activity helps to sublimate negative energies and, as a consequence, to get rid of stress. The main thing is to practice regularly.

5 элементарных правил, которые уберегут от стресса

Less time on the Internet

Often the tape of our social networks abound with information, which only worsens the moral state of a person. From such it is better to abstain, if you want to get rid of stress.

5 элементарных правил, которые уберегут от стресса

Proper nutrition

A large amount of sweet and fried increases the level of insulin in the blood, and this eventually leads to the loss of physical activity and lethargy. It would be better to limit yourself to such food, and always remember about learning about Kratom, kratom dosing is one of the most effective ways to cope with stress.

Recall that recently, scientists from Nottingham Trent University found that cats whose owners are nervous or experiencing stress are more likely to suffer from various diseases.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists proved that the cause of depression is Escherichia coli.

Also “Znayu” I wrote some dreams are called prophetic, and it’s not just. They can talk about inner feelings and to pay attention to those things that we trying to convey our subconscious.

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