5G in Ukraine: when will be able to move on to the fifth generation of communication

5G в Украине: когда удастся перейти на пятое поколение связи

After 5 years, every second Ukrainian will become a user of 4G (LTE). This is stated in the study of the Ericsson Mobility Report.

“Statements by politicians are not enough to predict that 5G will be. Need data operators. But this does not mean that it necessarily will not” — said one of the experts.

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Undoubtedly, the emergence of fifth generation mobile Internet in Ukraine would be a pleasant surprise for many. But for now, we are developing and preparing to implement new technologies in our lives. 5G will come, but when is a question.

5G в Украине: когда удастся перейти на пятое поколение связи

For comparison, by 2024 the number of users of the fifth generation in the United States is more than 60%, and in Western Europe – about 40%. In spite of this in Ericsson predict that by 2024 mu only 35% of subscribers will use 5G, about half – LTE and the other will be on 3G. The main regions where you will develop 5G will be North America, Japan, China, South Korea.

Recall that Ukraine will be able to approach “fifth-generation” (5G) mobile communication not before 2020.

As reported by the portal Znaia in Ukraine launch a pilot project ultra-fast 5G mobile Internet, which in may will start testing on the roads.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the German government is considering the exclusion of the Chinese Corporation Huawei Technologies auction on the establishment of mobile networks fifth generation (5G).

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