800 million people will remain without jobs: what profession will select robots

800 миллионов людей останутся без работы: какие профессии отберут роботы

Robots will replace people

From 400 to 800 million workers worldwide by 2030 may lose their jobs because they will be replaced or automation processes. This is evidenced by the estimates of the McKinsey Global Institute. Surprisingly, the work can lose people in all countries regardless of their development and quality of life.

800 миллионов людей останутся без работы: какие профессии отберут роботы

At risk were the employees of back offices, machine operators, employees of fast food networks and those engaged in lending. However, all these processes can be automated, so that these jobs can stay forever without the person. This is not surprising, given the opportunities, which have modern robots. Some even got artificial intelligence.

More automation, according to forecasts by McKinsey, will affect China – under threat of more than 200 million people, i.e. 16% of the workforce. In second place India (almost 150 million people, 9%), the third – USA (about 50 million people, almost 25%). However, such figures are now only a scare, as the automation will not happen before 2030.

800 миллионов людей останутся без работы: какие профессии отберут роботы

Recall that the Xiaomi company has decided to abandon the flexible smartphone. The company has not introduced a new product, and decided to leave it for the future. So did the company LG, which announced to the audience that humanity is not yet ready for such smartphones.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company decided to implement several useful features in their smartphones. We are talking about technology, Game Booster, which can increase comfort game on smartphone due to fast CPU if necessary.

Znayu wrote that experts have called the main drawback of the flexible smartphone. It is reported that we are talking about the reliability of the screen. For example, such displays protective film installed will not work, and keys can damage the screen for a few seconds. However, to replace the screen is almost impossible, given the complexity of the mechanisms.

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