94-year-old maker of lithium batteries has made another breakthrough in science

94-летний создатель литиевых аккумуляторов сделал очередной прорыв в науке

John Goodenough

It’s never too late to develop and discover new facets. And John Goodenough, 94-year-old inventor of the lithium-ion batteries, this is a perfect example.

94-летний создатель литиевых аккумуляторов сделал очередной прорыв в науке

He developed an analogue of own battery. But more steady and safe. However, no one but him that could do better, since it was he who created the batteries on such a basis that can be found in every modern smartphone, and not only.

The new battery uses a glass electrolyte with sodium or lithium coating, the capacity of which is three times the capacity of lithium-ion battery. This is great news for smartphone manufacturers, who each year try to increase the amount of energy in smartphones.

94-летний создатель литиевых аккумуляторов сделал очередной прорыв в науке

It’s charging for a few minutes and works both in cold and in hot weather. Battery survives at least 1200 cycles of charge-discharge, and more than enough for the average smartphone.

The Goodenough believes that this battery technology could be a breakthrough that will bring electric cars into the mass channel. However, not only cars: various gadgets, up to the laptops also will get improved.

Recall that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked to the network. It is reported that the device will get the fancy screen like the Galaxy S10, and the holes in the display under the front camera. In addition, on the back of the device will house a Quad camera that will surpass the quality of the photo even Galaxy S10, the price of which starts from 25 thousand hryvnia.

Earlier Znayu reported that the Nokia PureView camera phone 9 checked for maintainability. It turned out that under the body of a huge amount of glue, and to disassemble the apparatus, it is necessary to Unscrew the 13 bolts. However, in home conditions, the smartphone can be repaired, but you should have patience.

Znayu wrote that the head of Huawei announced that, if necessary, may abandon Android and Windows 10 for our devices. Most likely, the company already is developing its own smartphone OS, and even PCs. However, when the world sees the creation of the Chinese Corporation is unknown.

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