A boy born with a rare disease of the brain, left with the “devil horns”

The disease is called hydroencephaly.

Мальчик, родившийся с редкой болезнью мозга, остался с «дьявольскими рогами»


In the Philippines, a boy was born with a rare brain disease – hydroencephaly. In this disease the brain is small in size, and around it is going liquid. In March this year, the baby had surgery to reduce pressure on the brain. However, the unexpected happened – part of the skull fell to the inside, where the emptiness. After that, the head of the child remained the so-called ridges, which are called “devil’s horns”. Now we need to do surgery to reconstruct the skull. However, a parent is worried about this, as baby is still weak to endure a new operation. The child fed through a tube. Note that after the operation “horns” become much pronounced as the bones continue to form.

The boy’s mother says to do the operation for pumping fluid, they had to sell everything, but even then they occasionally have to go to the clinic. If a woman could change places with him, I’d do it without hesitation. However, they continue to fight the disease to the last.

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