“A bucket of “AVTOVAZ”: the Blogger expressed his opinion about LADA Vesta SW Cross

Domestic universal is controversial because it has as followers, and those who do not take it seriously. On the eve of his opinion about “the shed,” stated one of the Russian reviewers.

«Ведро от «АвтоВАЗ»: Блогер высказал свое мнение о LADA Vesta SW Cross

The blogger appreciated the LADA Vesta SW Cross with the 1.8 motor. Despite the fact that he called the car “a bucket of “AVTOVAZ”, he stressed that universal is worth the money.

The owner of the LADA Vesta SW Cross machine cost 810 000 rubles, including the cost of the alarm. In General, the car looks good, what can be said about its spacious interior. However, the owner of the car said that he didn’t like the armrest model, as in the tank which is hidden underneath, too little space. The driver complained about the USB ports in car that don’t charge gadgets. Eyeglass case in the car is not suitable for all points that don’t like blogger, as some points it just does not fit completely. The comfort wagon until the owner complains, and he has something to compare, because before he went for closer Renault Sandero Stepway.

Speaking about the disadvantages of LADA Vesta SW Cross, the blogger drew attention to the lack of seal between the hood and engine compartment of the car. Without the sealant the underhood space auto clogged faster and the expert advised the owner of the estate to purchase a special elastic band, which can be easily glued between the hood and engine compartment. Also, the LADA Vesta SW Cross no mesh under the grille, but it also can be expensive to buy and install a “barn”.

«Ведро от «АвтоВАЗ»: Блогер высказал свое мнение о LADA Vesta SW Cross

Another advantage of the LADA Vesta SW Cross is called the blogger a convenient Luggage compartment. There is enough space, and there are three bulbs for illumination. In the trunk there are extra compartments to store things and tools.