“A complete mess”: the state of the paintwork the new LADA Granta, bought from a dealer, horrified network

This “Grant” 2018 were acquired from Minsk, the official dealers of the company “AVTOVAZ” and, according to the owner, its condition does not hold water.

«Беспредел полный»: Состояние ЛКП новой LADA Granta, купленной у дилера, ужаснуло сеть

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«Беспредел полный»: Состояние ЛКП новой LADA Granta, купленной у дилера, ужаснуло сеть

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The blogger videotaped the condition of the paintwork of the new LADA Granta. First of all, the author of the video noted that the factory paint in some places is simply peeled off. On the trunk lid from the inside you can find a lot of white dots-the bugs that already in the near future are at risk of becoming full of rust spots. In addition to the tailgate, paint defects visible on the inner surface of the rear doors and arches “Grants”. On the cover side sill front passenger door the driver was long discovered cracks the paint.

With complaints about the state of his LADA Granta the motorist went to the official dealer of “AVTOVAZ” in Minsk, where he purchased a “defective” machine, however, there is the marriage refused to admit and claimed that the state “Grants” is satisfactory.

Commentators on the network were horrified by such irresponsibility authorized dealers and advised the blogger to contact the higher authority to file a complaint at the plant “AVTOVAZ”: “complete Lawlessness’ officials lately. I recommend a complaint directly in AVTOVAZ to write – they just like it will react!”.