A favorite habit of the inhabitants of the metropolis triggers cancer

Любимая привычка жителей мегаполиса провоцирует рак

Vcen conducted an experiment, which was attended by 49 physicians, they wanted to explore the effect of night work on the body. 24 doctors were at work night.

Doctors who worked night and using irregular graph slept for 2-4 hours a day, had 30% more DNA breaks than their counterparts who worked during the day.

In the experiment, scientists from Hong Kong and found that for similar violations in DNA, a person can decrease the ability to restore damaged genes. It contributes to the development of diabetes and heart disease. People who have little sleep, unable to die sooner.

Scientists warn that even if the man who sleeps little, has no health problems, they may be delayed. They also recommend to sleep at least 7 hours lyudyai in age from 18 to 60 years.

Recall that the three deadliest figures: what are the morning habits prevent to lose weight. Many people who are overweight are often not aware that actually prevents lose the hated kilograms. Therefore, nutritionists advise to carefully reconsider their habits, especially morning. If we strictly adhere to all three rules, you will not only gain a good figure, but will always feel your best.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Suprun warned all who are treated on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the majority of Ukrainians do not trust our medicine, or are simply afraid to go to the doctor. Advice on the Internet seem to be much more correct than the advice of a doctor, and tablets, we decided to write myself after reading some tips on forums.

So there are cases when people having read the information about the disease, watching its symptoms, or Vice versa – at the first symptoms a person begins to look for information.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote the court explained the decision by Suprun.

The district administrative court of Kyiv issued clarification as to what authority is temporarily deprived of performing the required relations of the Minister of health Suprun. This message appeared on the website of the court n Friday. Devel explanations to the court asked the representatives Suprun. The court drew attention Suprun that the ban on February 5, does not apply to those powers given to him as first Deputy Minister of health’ya.

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