A first statement of offense relating to containment in Saguenay

The Saguenay Police Service issued its first general offense report to an individual who did not comply with the containment measures after receiving a warning from the police on Sunday. The amount of the fine is $ 1,500.
V late Friday afternoon, a Via Rail train arrived in Jonquière, said Lt. Denis Harvey. “Patrollers went to take note of the names of the people and their coordinates to understand what they were doing here despite the travel ban in the region. “

Among the group, a 32-year-old man from Saint-Jérôme who had decided to come and visit the region as a tourist. The police therefore explained to him the government measures that prohibited visits to the region and asked him to stay in the hotel in confinement. However, he decided to leave the hotel despite the warnings from the police.

After receiving information regarding the individual’s movements, the police decided to go and meet him to give him a general offense report of $ 1,500 with costs. They therefore informed him that he was going to receive a statement by mail after it had been verified by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), who would decide whether or not to continue the prosecution.

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