A friend of the deceased footballer was called Sala culprit

Друг погибшего футболиста Салы назвал виновника трагедии

Emiliano Sala died in a plane crash

Agent Argentine footballer emiliano Sala, who tragically died in a plane crash, was accused of his death.

This opinion was expressed by a friend of Sala’s Maximiliano Duarte. According to him, emiliano would never have sat in this aircraft.

“Behind all this lies a great truth, and it consists in the fact that we can find the culprit. Emiliano never decided to get on that plane. He was forced to do this because it is a professional player. McKay is responsible for this. I told emiliano not to accept flights, as it was not created the necessary conditions”, – transfers words of Duarte newspaper Marca.

Recall that a private plane, on Board of which was the new “Cardiff” emiliano Sala, 21 Jan flew from France and disappeared from radar before reaching England.

Друг погибшего футболиста Салы назвал виновника трагедии

Experts have called the possible cause of the crash. In their view, the fall could be caused by icing of the wings, which led to a freeze in the air and fall into the sea.

“The message that Fat sent from the aircraft stated that the aircraft will soon fall apart. This is a typical sign of icing on the wings”, – transfers words of the experts The Sun.

Recall, 28-year-old has sent a voice message to a WhatsApp chat from the plane before disappearing.

“Now fly on the plane, which seems to be on the verge of collapse, flying to Cardiff. Tomorrow everything will start the day I will start training with a new team. Let’s see what happens.

How are you doing, brothers and sisters, all right? If an hour and a half from me will not be news, I don’t know if they send somebody on a quest after finding me is impossible. God, how terrible”, – stated in the message.

On the search for the aircraft was sent two helicopters and several search ships. But most likely no one survived.

“I was informed that the sea was found the pillow, bright orange object, a box and many items in white, floating near a curved piece of metal.

We received a call seven minutes later after he vanished contact with the plane. We conducted a search operation until midnight, and then I stopped to rest until morning. In case, if the plane fell into the water, then there is no chance to stay alive. The water temperature is not more than 11 degrees, people without the protection of such water cannot withstand more than an hour,” – said the head of the search service John Fitzgerald.

February 4 at the bottom of the English channel amid the wreckage of the plane on which the Argentinian footballer emiliano Sala was flying from Nantes to Cardiff, was found the body of the deceased.

As reported by the portal Znayu named the cause of the crash with the player.

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