A fun trailer to celebrate the 500th of the Mysteries of Love

Une amusante bande-annonce pour fêter la 500e des Mystères de l'Amour

500 episodes, it’s feast chez Hélène and the boys !

“With 264 episodes more than Friends, and 431 episodes of more than Colombo, the love is really a great adventure. And it was as good as a feast !” With a sense of humor, TF1 unveiled yesterday on Twitter, the trailer’s outstanding 500e upcoming episode of its series AB, The Mysteries of Love, which aired on TMC. A small video that tries to summarize the amorous adventures of Helen and Nicholas, Benedict, and Jose, and Christian and Johanna, in just a minute. Suffice to say a hell of a challenge, met with flying colors !

The band Mysteries of Love, to the antenna since 2011, will celebrate its 500th Saturday, 16 march at 19: 50 on TMC. While we are reserving still to mark the occasion ?

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