A huge monster is dedicated to the life of the human child: the most dangerous babysitter in the world managed to capture on camera

Огромный монстр посвятил жизнь человеческому детенышу: самую опасную няню в мире удалось снять на камеру

The video was taken in Indonesia literally blew up the network. And that’s why her little boy quietly playing with a huge snake. Baby without fear talk with Python, literally, like a toy, he drags him by the head and tries to ride a giant horse.

This became known through the video, which is gaining views online.

Огромный монстр посвятил жизнь человеческому детенышу: самую опасную няню в мире удалось снять на камеру

The footage shows how the child uses the reptile as a chair, sitting on her rings. Python didn’t show any aggression, sometimes trying to crawl away from the child. Apparently, the video was filmed in the house where the boy lives. Filmed video of people reacting to the game with a deadly snake calmly.

It is worth Recalling that most ugryzenye head shark found in Australia. A local fisherman named Jason didn’t expect his trip would end with discovery that will baffle even scientists.

According to Jason, this catch was “absolutely crazy find,” and he soon posted a photo on Facebook. Jason was fishing near the coast of New South Wales and caught a small shark when suddenly I saw on the water a large piece of flesh, which turned the head of a huge Mako shark.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that scientists have found a snake, which until now was not known to science. Snake found in the Amazonian rainforest, its distinctive feature is a strange color. This became known from the message of the National service of natural areas protected by the state. Scientists have named a new species of Bothrops sonene, in honor of the river flowing in the region of Madre de Dios and in the language of the local Indians sounds like Sonene.

Recall that in Africa a baby elephant born with a unique skin colour: “One of the most interesting phenomena that I saw in nature.”

As reported Znayu creepy 15-foot monster blocked the riverbed: the video is not for the faint of heart.

Also Znayu wrote, the researchers stumbled upon a strange snake unknown to science: he attacks without opening his mouth.

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