A long promo to decipher the future season 5 Gotham

Une longue promo pour décrypter la future saison 5 de Gotham

Check out a detailed overview of what awaits us in 2019.

After you have unveiled a whole bunch of teasers announcing the fall of Gotham, the american channel Fox today unveils a long featurette of 3-minutes, containing a lot of details on what we can expect in season 5 (below). Attention spoilers !

“The stage is set for a season 5 in mode No-Man’s-Land !”, first initiates the young actor David Mazouz, who explains that after the explosion of the bridge, there will be chaos in the city. “It is a bit of a revelation, and each of the villains will lead more or less a part of the city. We will be in a kind of tribal warfare”, continued Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot) and Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma).

A war in which one discovers a lot of new images in this video. So that in order to restore peace to Gotham ? A small Batman in the grass, of course ! “We are going to see Bruce work so much more intimate with Jim Gordon this year, because he’s going to have to take a role really active, now, to restore security in the city…”

The season 5 finale of Gotham will see on Thursday 3 January 2019, across the Atlantic. In France, the series is broadcast in the US+24 sur MYTF1 VOD.