A review of building cleaner Bosch GAS20-17A

Another representative construction of the vacuum cleaner brand Bosch model GAS20-17A with the dust-collecting bag with a volume of 64 liters (17 gallons) was created to effectively remove dust from abrasive generated from cutting and grinding concrete, reach full structural strength. Its capacity of 300 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) – 8400 liters of air per minute, for which mounted engine has a capacity of 2.1 kW. Please note that the machine is powered by AC 120 volt 60 Hz North American standard.

Обзор строительного пылесоса Bosch GAS20-17A


The main landmark of the designers was the so-called Table1, developed by the Bureau OSHA Silica to regulate the separation of dusty construction waste for environmental risk, rules for their collection and recycling.

Model GAS20-17A, as well as other building cleaner Bosch series GAS, but of smaller capacity, equipped with automatic filter cleaning, which switches every 15 seconds to maintain maximum suction power. If this feature is not required, you can disable it.

The design of the suction path of the vacuum cleaner on so-called HEPA filter what the user notifies the marking on his body is HEPA Ready. The minimum particle size that it can hold, equal to 0.3 microns.

Supplied with five three-layer dust bags effectively filters out dry concrete dust. In our opinion, this cleaner is much more efficient than the cyclone excellent choice. And waste bags to be disposed of much easier.

Despite the fact that the dust-collecting device was created for cleaning the concrete dust, it has a function of collecting fluids. It is equipped with a level sensor and the drain hose. For travel Bosch GAS20-17A is mounted on a durable metal frame with two large wheels and two swivel castors. The frame is fitted with hinge for tipping, which simplifies the process of draining fluid from the collapsible tank. Has adjustable height handle.

Hose length of 5 meters with a diameter of 35 mm made of antistatic plastic. The cord length of 8 meters is equipped with plug type “b” – two flat blades and one round grounding busbar withstand a current of 20 amperes in electrical networks 120 volt 60 Hz (North American standard).

Design features of the Bosch vacuum cleaner GAS20-17A

Обзор строительного пылесоса Bosch GAS20-17A

  • Using Bosch GAS20-17A, its owner automatically meets the requirements of OSHA Silica for the collection and disposal of garbage of various environmental risk.
  • Vacuum delayed all solids down to size of 0.3 microns, formed by cutting and polishing heavy-duty concrete structures. It’s a 99.97% of the total dust.
  • Engine power 2.1 kW delivers high performance – up to 8400 liters of air per minute. This cleaner can be used for equipping construction crews.
  • Applied three-layer dust bags, effectively delaying the coarse fraction of concrete dust and protects the HEPA filter from damage.
  • Possible cleaning both dry and wet debris and water collection. There is a level gauge and hose for draining liquids.
  • Metal frame on wheels that facilitates transportation and maintenance of the cleaner.
  • The height-adjustable handle.
  • To the vacuum cleaner you can connect two tools simultaneously. For this we need to buy a cord with a Y-shaped splitter.

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