A second before death: Russian bloggers took a video before the terrible plane crash in Ethiopia

За секунду до смерти: российские блоггеры сняли видео перед жуткой авиакатастрофой в Эфиопии

Recently, the world has stirred up a terrible plane crash. In Ethiopia, crashed the plane Boeing 737 of the airline Ethiopian Airlines, which was carrying 149 passengers and 8 crew members. Bloggers from Russia, the video was removed from the airport in Ethiopia for a few minutes before the tragedy.

This writes the newspaper “Metro”.

In a network there was video wife Catherine and Alexander Polyakov from Moscow. They were on vacation in Kenya, as in Ethiopia, was waiting for a transplant.

1.5 hours in transit and fly to Kenya“, signed Catherine his last ever video taken at the airport of Addis Ababa.

In the video, which was published even earlier, the Russians recorded their stop in Kuala Lumpur before flying to Addis Ababa.

Passenger plane Boeing 737 crashed on Sunday, March 10, in Ethiopia. According to the airline, no one survived. There is also said that the plane had representatives of 33 nationalities. Just a plane crash killed four citizens of Slovakia. Ukrainians among victims were not.

За секунду до смерти: российские блоггеры сняли видео перед жуткой авиакатастрофой в Эфиопии

According to preliminary data, among passengers there were 32 citizen of Kenya, 18 – Canada, 9 – Ethiopia, 8 – China 8 – Italy 8 – USA 7 – UK 7 – France 6 – Egypt, 5 – the Netherlands, 4 had UN passports, 3 – Russia, 2 – Morocco, 2 – Israel, as well as citizens of Belgium, Uganda, Yemen, Sudan, Mozambique and Norway.

It is known that the aircraft flew to Kenya 08.38 from the Ethiopian region of Oromia. Communication with him was lost after 6 minutes after the start of the flight.

The company Ethiopian Airlines has a good reputation regarding security, although in 2010, the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft crashed into the Mediterranean sea shortly after taking off from Beirut. Then on Board the plane were killed 90 people.

We will remind, “the plane Crash in Ethiopia: among the dead found Putin “the liberator of the Crimea.”

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”: the plane with Russians aboard crashed in the Congo’s dark history, a lot of victims.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that on Board the crashed plane in Ethiopia was the family of the Deputy of the National Council of Parliament, to survive, they failed.

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