A special episode for the historical record Grey’s Anatomy

Un épisode spécial pour le record historique de Grey's Anatomy

Because the drama ABC will become the series medical the longest in the history of american tv.

Somewhere in the course of the year 2019, Grey’s Anatomy will pass the symbolic threshold of 332 episodes and will double as Emergency (which lasted for 331 episodes and 15 seasons in total), to become the series medical the longest in the history of television.

Grey’s Anatomy : the balance sheet of the mid-season 15, our tops and our flops

This will be on the occasion of the episode 15 of season 15, and for the occasion, the production quietly preparing a special episode to mark the blow. According to TVLine, this episode will be directed by Chandra Wilson (Bailey) and will have exceptionally no medical procedure. Not a single storyline with the medicine.

Certainly a small dose of irony on the part of the writers of Grey’s Anatomy. But in fact, the series could enjoy this special episode to go to the meeting of the family and Jo and her parents….

Pending confirmation, the season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy will resume in January 2019 on ABC and in France on MyTF1.