A surveillance camera spotted the creepy alien in broad daylight: long time no hiding and no fear

Камера наблюдения засекла жуткого пришельца среди белого дня: давно не прячутся и никого не боятся

American researchers believe that alien life may exist in parallel universes, but not all universes have properties suitable for existence of life.

A real sensation on foreign websites devoted to UFOlogy and the paranormal, raised an intriguing picture. It is alleged that it was received earlier this month by a surveillance camera outside one of the restaurants McDonald’s in the USA.

Камера наблюдения засекла жуткого пришельца среди белого дня: давно не прячутся и никого не боятся

Mounted camera filmed the alien next to McDonald’s. The Network has published a photo, which depicted the alleged alien, who has come close to the parked car.

Камера наблюдения засекла жуткого пришельца среди белого дня: давно не прячутся и никого не боятся

If you believe this information, the photo was accidentally discovered by a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina, makes the school security system. The surprised man had copied mysterious frame on your flash drive.

According to the American, it can be one of the most impressive evidence of the presence on Earth of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The alleged alien netizens noticed rather long legs with claws.

She’s obviously not too similar to humans, and if we are not mounting, then it really is a very remarkable image. However, whether it depicts an alien?

World wide web users, familiar with this photo set a lot of regular issues. Where the alleged “green man” took on the role of the street in broad daylight? Why you approached the car? Why nobody noticed then it is strange and even repulsive creature?

Some commentators say that it was a real demon, invisible to human eye but recorded on video.

However, many were skeptical of the appeared picture and suggested that the authors used the tools of photoshop.

Ufologists and experts believe that the aliens have long since arrived on our planet and are hiding among the people.

They supposedly carefully masked, but carefully looking closer, you can recognize them. According to experts, the humanoids constantly low blood pressure. In addition, they are unable to stay long under sunlight.

Also, the aliens are distinguished by the lack of vegetation on the face and head. It is argued that the alien invaders do not react to a stressful situation and have an aversion to animals, children and sex.

We will remind, the man from China Ming Yang was removed from the aircraft unusual object. To capture a strange phenomenon the man managed 12 September 2018, however, to decide on the publication in the Internet, he was able only now.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”, a UFO-enthusiast from the USA by chance captured on video by a triangular object which was near a military base Wright-Patterson in Ohio.

Also “Znayu” I wrote the Museum Ghost found real Ghost. Shocked absolutely everyone, even the researcher of paranormal phenomena.

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