A terrible disease that destroys a person, cure light and sound

Страшную болезнь, которая уничтожает личность, вылечат светом и звуком

Alzheimer’s disease can be cured using a combined method, including light and sound therapy.

A study at mit showed that these noninvasive treatments increase the memory by destroying proteins outcasts in the brain of mice, writes Daily Mail.

The researchers hope that their approach, which works by inducing the brain waves known as gamma oscillations, will be as effective for people.

Страшную болезнь, которая уничтожает личность, вылечат светом и звуком

A healthy brain and the brain in Alzheimer’s disease

Patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease has already been put on the first of its kind clinical study.

As explained by scientists, Alzheimer’s disease leads to disruption of brain waves, but the impact of light and sound stimulates neurons to restart the waves.

Light and sound therapy prodemonstrirovala improvement when applied individually, but the results were even better, doctors have combined both types of therapy.

In this study, the researchers used a flickering light at a frequency of 40 Hz, 40 times a second. Therapy was conducted for one hour daily.

A week later, the researchers found a decrease in the level of beta-amyloid plaques and of Tau protein that can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

The treatment also stimulated the activity of immune cells, known as microglia that remove unwanted garbage from the gray matter.

Страшную болезнь, которая уничтожает личность, вылечат светом и звуком

10 early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Also after a week of treatment, mice showed much better results when you navigate through the maze. Rodents know more about the objects that were previously encountered.

Now scientists analyze how gamma oscillations affect specific types of brain cells, in the hope of finding molecular mechanisms for the phenomena that they observed.

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Recall that consumption of two servings of mushrooms per week halve the risk of early symptoms of dementia in the elderly.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” researchers from Yale University have identified drinking a cocktail of synthetic molecules, which prevents the development of the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that an effective vaccine against dementia will be created in 10 years.

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