A tintamarre as a snub at COVID

The containment measures resulting from the current pandemic are forcing the staff of seniors’ residences to reinvent themselves so that their customers keep their spirits up. Employees of the Granby Selection Network branch took up this challenge by launching a tintamarre in bright sunshine on Monday. The initiative gave a smile to dozens of residents who went out on their balconies for the occasion.
“Our residents have been confined for several days and morale has started to drop. To respect the measures of distance between individuals, we had to suspend activities. But there is no question of abandoning our residents. So we want to put a little balm on this crisis that is stretching out of pots and pans to put a little atmosphere, “said the responsible for recreation within the establishment, Eric Barsalou.

The happy troubadours launched the tintamarre at 1:00 p.m., under the amused looks of many residents who killed two birds with one stone by taking a breath of fresh air by putting their noses out.

This is a first initiative which should “snowball” in the coming weeks. “We have to find alternatives to the activities we normally have on the program. And it’s not unpleasant to let your creativity go. ”

Éric Barsalou and his teammates are working on a series of other events to come. “I am in discussion with artists to offer services in our interior courtyard. We could also offer physical activity classes with those who wish on their balcony. We want people to stay active and interact as much as possible while respecting government directives. We want to tell our residents that we think of them, that they are not alone in all this. And there is no shortage of ideas. ”

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