A true story about the travelers from parallel Universes

Реальные истории о путешественниках из параллельных Вселенных

There are real documented cases where people claimed to have come from countries and cities that on Earth do not exist, and when it spoke in unknown tongues.

So for example, in 1850 in a small German town near Frankfurt, there was a strange man named Jafar Vorin.

Реальные истории о путешественниках из параллельных Вселенных

Later this story was described by John Timbs in the book “book of the year about the facts in science and art”.

Timbs wrote:

“At the end of 1850 in a small town in the district Lebus, near Frankfurt-on-Oder, there was a strange man. No one knew where it came from. He spoke German with an accent and looked like a European. He was interrogated by the mayor of Frankfurt.

The stranger said his name was Jafar Vorin, he came from the country Laxaria located in the continent Sacre. He understands no European language, except German, but writes and reads luxurism and Abramenko languages.”

As told by a mysterious man, armianskiy language is the written language of the clergy in Laccaria and luxurism they say ordinary people. He said that his religion and the doctrine is the same as Christianity. Laxaria located hundreds of kilometers from Europe and is separated from it by the ocean.

He arrived in Europe in search of a missing brother. Along the way he suffered shipwreck, but could not show your route on a map or globe. According to him, on Earth there are five continents: Sacre, Aflar, Aslar, Auslan and ELAR.

Scientists of those days studied the words of the stranger and believe him. Then Jopara Varina sent to Berlin. In the Prussian capital, he was the subject of rumors and scientific discussions.

Реальные истории о путешественниках из параллельных Вселенных

Another mysterious story took place in 1954 at customs in Japan, where the detained person with a passport issued in the country Taured. But on Earth, this country does not exist!

It is known that customs officers, bewildered, took the man in the interrogation room. During interrogation he revealed that he was fluent in French, ispanskiy even in Japanese. When it was the driver’s license of the country Taured.

Customs officers asked him to indicate on the map where is his country. He first pointed to the region of Andorra, a small country located between France and Spain, but then quickly realized that his country is not on the map!

An eerie silence set in the room, the man and the customs officers looked at each other in complete bewilderment. The man said he had never heard of Andorra, and his country Taured exists more than 1000 years.

In addition, the passport of this person was customs stamps for 5 years, he came to Tokyo many times and not had any problems.

Confused the officer placed the man in the room on the top floor of the neighbouring hotel and locked. Two armed guards stood outside the door all night.

The next morning, customs officials arrived to the hotel room and found that the man disappeared as mysteriously as it had arrived. All further investigation on this case nothing.

Реальные истории о путешественниках из параллельных Вселенных

Who are they? Travelers from a parallel Universe or clever liars, and stunt performers? Unfortunately, these questions remain unsolved. However, physicists around the world are trying to figure out the truth, are there other similar to our Universes.

We will remind, people will learn “to live without a body”. In fact, consciousness can exist without a body. This theory obeys the laws of quantum mechanics.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” hidden camera caught a shot of an inexplicable source of light, probably the entrance to another reality.

Also “Znayu” I wrote during the clinical death the woman saw all past lives.

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