A year after the end of Carl in Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs has found work again

Un an après la fin de Carl dans Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs a retrouvé du travail

“Four days ago, I was still unemployed…”

It is not easy to make the transition. Chandler Riggs, former star of the Walking Dead, knows something. Is there any battery a year, he was killed in a way unlikely in the series for AMC, in the middle of season 8. The death of Carl Grimes has not only jolted fans, but also put the young actor on the dole.

A long-term unemployment, since Riggs has spent a whole year without working. Until today : “four days ago, I was still unemployed and it has been almost a full year. Today, I’m sitting on the filming of season 1 of an incredible series to come, for my first day of work. Life really changes radically, very quickly, “wrote on Twitter the comedian, this week.

Remains that we don’t know yet what series it is, for who, or what role he will play.

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