Absher app for Android and iOS spying on women

Приложение Absher для Android и iOS подглядывает за женщинами

In the app stores of Apple and Google have found a application from the government of Saudi Arabia that allows men to track women and limit their travel.

App Absher, developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia, is used for various electronic services, including a very unexpected, writes Gizmodo. Of course, such things are illegal, and the app’s creators will answer for their actions.

Приложение Absher для Android и iOS подглядывает за женщинами

The application offers such functions as request a passport, birth certificate, vehicle registration or other documentation. But it also allows men from Saudi Arabia “to determine when and how women can cross the borders of Saudi Arabia”. By itself, the company could forbid the woman to cross the border of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, an integrated system of SMS messages used to alert the men when women try to leave on their own.

Приложение Absher для Android и iOS подглядывает за женщинами

To date, Google Play and the App Store has not commented on the situation, so the application is still available for download on Android phones and iOS.

Recall that Apple plans to launch a paid service that will allow owners of iPhone and other gadgets from the Apple company to read an unlimited number of news from different editions. However, the service itself costs $ 10 per month, so that fans only verified news will have to pay for the information.

Earlier Znayu reported that games Civilization VI suddenly became free. Now everyone can evaluate the game for free. However, available are only the main aspects of the game, but for add-ons or DLC will have to pay real money if you want it.

Znayu wrote that Google resumed work on Project Ara. Recall that the modular smartphone, where you can change the “stuffing” yourself, but the processor, camera, and battery are in the shape of rectangles. Recall that the project was buried in 2016, and in 2019 the first modular device may be on the shelves.

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