Act as if resuming college lessons was possible

We are fighting our greatest collective battle. This sentence resonates because it is true. And in these extraordinary circumstances where every day lives are endangered and literally fall, all efforts must converge to protect our society from the virus not only physically, but also psychologically from immense distress.
A bsurde because it is based above all on something that has no place in this period: act as if.

Pretend that students are able to meet academic requirements, while many are at the forefront in grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, CHSLDs and hospitals. And if they are not on the front line, their active participation at home is essential to support their parents in the areas of health, food or homelessness.

Pretend that students are impervious to ambient distress in general, and to family distress in particular. In many homes, anxiety has already taken its toll, letting go of darker emotions, regrettable and regretted behaviors, or outright exacerbated patterns of violence. Several mental health experts have highlighted it many times: under the current anxiety-provoking conditions, vigilance and kindness are essential. Two united words which in no way rhyme with the directives of the Minister of Education, Jean-Fran├žois Roberge, despite the goodwill and flexibility of the teaching staff.

Pretend students have retrieved their notes, their textbook and their computer (when they have one!) To work when they have had no access to their school since March 13. In fact, the logistical pitfalls of studying at a distance continue to accumulate, and the beautiful challenges to be overcome from yesterday are today transformed into pieces of the impossible that we plan together. These urgent efforts to support a shaky structure ready to collapse would be justified, welcomed and even applauded if the benefits were manifest for the student community. However, it is quite the opposite. The avalanche of anxious emails that teachers have received since April 6 testifies that all too well.

Confinement creates an environment unfit for learning. Point. And, from these improvised distance courses against all odds, no learning will emerge, except perhaps a lesson on a huge muddle.

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