Ada Rogovtseva spoke harshly about the Russians: completely isolated

Ада Роговцева жестко высказалась о россиянах: полностью изолироваться

Since then, Russia has openly attacked the Ukrainian territory took a long time, during which many actors, politicians and ordinary citizens of the aggressor country have expressed their opinion regarding Ukraine and what is happening in General. Sound their judgment can not be named, which causes some doubts about the adequacy of the majority of Russians, and also convinced that Putin’s propaganda machine works like a clock.

Ада Роговцева жестко высказалась о россиянах: полностью изолироваться

Ukrainian actress Ada Rogovtseva gave an interview to the ZIK channel, which said the Russians believe that Ukrainians are worse than they are. She said: “They taught that the Ukrainians are worse that we are a fictional people, the fictional language, “younger brother”. They are always very condescending to treat us. I never felt that because I didn’t allow it. To work there, it was necessary to know their language. I knew him without an accent. They believe that the Russian Crimea and Sevastopol is a “Russian city“, she said.

Also Rogovtseva is convinced that “it is rooted in more than a dozen years.” The actress said that to change the situation fail and he concluded: “They cannot speak, to retrain, probably, it is necessary to isolate ourselves from them“.

Ада Роговцева жестко высказалась о россиянах: полностью изолироваться

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the famous Ukrainian writer and film Director Oksana Bayrak plans this year to give birth to the firstborn, despite some serious age to 55 years. As told by a celebrity: “this year I want to have a baby. I have already determined. In my new apartment where we are currently completing the repair, there is a playroom and children’s bathroom. Pray the Lord that this year I had my Lisa“.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”: popular Belarusian singer, the leader of the group Brutto and “Lyapis Trubetskoy” Sergey Mikhalok became a father for the third time. About a significant event in the family of the artist became known from the publications of the page Brutto in Instagram.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that Yegor Krutogolov, a well-known comedian and member of the Diesel show once again pleased its fans with a funny picture that has published on his page in the social network.

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