“Adult gaze”: the Daughter of Galkin and Pugacheva has sharply grown against the background of scandals – Fans

5-year-old Lisa’s eyes grown and seen many women, said the fans.

«Взрослый взгляд»: Дочь Галкина и Пугачевой резко повзрослела на фоне скандалов – Фанаты

Recently, the singer and composer Igor Nikolaev has published the Lisa Galkina-Pugacheva and her daughter Veronica with her birthday. The caption reads: “I Love this photo: Veronica was frightened pony, and Lisa hugged her and protect! So pure, so real emotions. Favorite girls!”. Fans have shared the admiration of the singer by this the, noted how cute and touching both children on it. But Network users drew attention to the “adult look” Lisa in the picture.

In recent months, fans have been actively discussing a possible affair the girl’s father Maxim Galkin with a famous leader Yulia Baranovskaya. Most often in the press raises issues about personal relationships humorist with his wife Alla Pugacheva, and how they cope with the arisen problems, but almost never think about how children Pugacheva and Galkin can relate to difficult family stop. It would seem that Lisa and Harry is only five years old, I don’t think they fully understand what is happening around them, but judging by the sight of Elizabeth in the photo, you can make a different conclusion. Do you think fans of the daughter of Galkin and Pugacheva has sharply grown up amid family scandals and her attitude to life has changed. But this child after the problems the house is not closed in itself, and Vice versa – became bolder, which is why Lisa and began to defend Veronica Nikolayev.

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