“Advantages”: In social networks “smashed” Internet boutique Buzova

To buy designer clothes, the singer’s not worth it, sure the network.

«Достоинств нет»: В соцсетях «разнесли» интернет-бутик Бузовой


Clothing brand Design Olga Buzova leading “House-2” was created back in 2012, however, judging by the reviews in social networks, Olga and failed to impress fans with their exclusive outfits. Despite the fact that things Olga Buzova Design has been repeatedly criticized, but the singer was accused of “stealing” design ideas, TV presenter continues to create new outfits, which often carries itself. Earlier fans Buzova caught cheating – some of the things the brand singer fans found on the Chinese shopping site AliExpress. Users have concluded that the singer does not only steal ideas but also buys clothes for cheap sites, and then sculpts her own exclusive prints.

Recently in social networks people again criticized the business Olga Buzova selling clothes. Clients of the singer literally “smashed” her online boutique, noting that advantages in Olga Buzova Design no. One of the followers wrote a petition that reflects all the negative sides of the online store of the presenter.

«Достоинств нет»: В соцсетях «разнесли» интернет-бутик Бузовой


The client complained about the work of managers, who contact the customer three days later, on the inability of the exchange and return of goods at inflated prices and bad quality stuff. “No merits. Disadvantages – poor performance, overpriced, terrible managers, no legal person”, – concluded dissatisfied customer and advised to stay away from the boutique, Olga Buzova, and things to buy in Italian stores, where things are cheaper and better.