Advent calendar First : The Lumberjack of words, the film of the December 3,

Calendrier de l’Avent Première : Le Bûcheron des mots, le film du 3 décembre

J-22 before Christmas !

First offers, in partnership with the animation studio Folimage, an Advent calendar special short films ! Discover today The Lumberjack of words, short film directed by Izù Troin in 2009. To see as early as 7 years old.

In a country where the inhabitants feed on, in the proper sense, of letters and words gathered in trees, reading is vital if they don’t want to die… of boredom. But some books are banned because of their emotional content and the physical changes they cause. Nadal, a lumberjack of words, an encounter that forever changed his life…


The program for tomorrow : the story of a little prince living on a star.