After 60 need to have sex – scientists at king’s College

Sex seniors to promote health and harmony in relationships.

После 60 нужно заниматься сексом – учёные Королевского колледжа

Question of the intimate life of people of retirement age was raised by the staff of the Royal College for training nurses. They urgently require to equate a right to have sex for the elderly and Mature. In shelters for the elderly should be allowed to watch porn, use sex toys and use Viagra.

To such conclusion came the scientists, analyzing research data, University of Manchester, which were held in 2015. According to surveys, a quarter of older couples are sexually active and prefer intimacy at least once in two weeks. And 90% of women over 80 have confirmed that I still feel the need to have sex.

Sexologists confirm the need for a full intimate life. Sexual activity even in old age stimulates the production of endorphins, stabilizes blood pressure and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, physical form. Scientists do not deny that people after 60 can be difficult, but like any other problems in the sexual sphere, they are easily eliminated with the help of modern medicine.