After a scandalous divorce Petrosyan showed a long-awaited baby: he’s already 9 months

После скандального развода Петросян показал долгожданного малыша: ему уже 9 месяцев

Legendary Soviet and Russian pop guru of humor Yevgeny Petrosyan after a scandalous divorce with Elena Stepanenko enjoys life and looks beautiful. This confirms the recent Petrosian, who in the network has caused a flurry of comments from subscribers.

Comic published in Instagram photo of nine-month-old Piglet.

“The year of the Pig came into its own, and so, therefore, flirting with different pigs! It’s a pig fan, but it’s a boy. She, I mean he is capricious, but at the same time fearful. He’s nine months… I can’t say that we’re the same age! But the General conversation ensued! “, – signed photo of Petrosyan.

“How nice, obojski, let You have the whole year will be so charming and successful! All the best to You too!” “You are such a good, good”, “What a pretty flower!”, “What a funny baby”, “what a Beauty!”, – write in the comments the fans of Eugene Vaganovich.

После скандального развода Петросян показал долгожданного малыша: ему уже 9 месяцев

Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko

It is worth mentioning that big news about the controversial divorce, known humorists Elena Stepanenko and Evgeny Petrosyan after 30 years of marriage shocked many fans. From their relationship seemed ideal, but the pair seemed happy.

However, it was completely wrong, between legendary comedians already very long ago it was not so good, and the last straw was the betrayal of Eugene Vaganovich. It is known that the now 73-year-old actor is Dating his assistant, 29-year-old Tatiana Brownboy. About it write the Russian mass media.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the controversial Russian singer, TV presenter and more recently entrepreneur Olga Buzova strongly loves to attract attention and to shock the audience successfully makes on his page in Instagram. This time, Olga decided to show his many fans a photo on which poses not one.

So, the photo that appeared in the account Buzova, she poses with a Russian comedian Evgeniy Petrosyan. All this happens during the filming of “Blue light” that is broadcasted in new year’s eve on Putin’s TV channel. As it turned out, Buzova and Petrosian are preparing a joint statement.

Recall, remember the millions that died each of Petrosyan “distorting mirror”.

As reported Znayu “we believe this small but important victory”: Petrosyan made by Stepanenko most important.

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