After parting with the groom nikitiuk had a ball: provocative video

После расставания с женихом Никитюк пустилась во все тяжкие: провокационное видео

TV presenter Les nikitiuk said that recently broke up with her boyfriend. Fortunately, the hilarious actress is not worried about the breakup and have found the strength to joke over the former. Reports Clutch.

As reported by Isidore, the relationship between nikitiuk and her mysterious fiancé began to deteriorate in early January. Despite the fact that the couple lived together and were planning the wedding and not everything was so smooth. The reason for the breakup was permanent employment Lesia at work and her income, which has increased several times.

Recently nikitiuk has officially confirmed his new status in Instagram.

“I want something reasonable to write to… type: we parted like ships at sea… But this situation quite… Broken. All. Journalists, rejoice… the New episode. I will say in advance – no comment,” admitted Les.

После расставания с женихом Никитюк пустилась во все тяжкие: провокационное видео

Lesya Nikityuk

Immediately after the news presenter had a ball and began to actively “haapiti” in social networks. In Instagram Stories she ridiculed the situation. First star faked sobbing from the closed bathroom, and then began to tell the most popular love quotes: “I am hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget”, “every couple has its own Titanic. He drowned, and I’m floating on a door” “Not yours, so you can get mad”.

In the comments fans have tried to support the Ukrainian beauty.

“Oh Les, you’re cute. I’m sorry, Next!-said the Manager”-my motto for all times))) it will be another tram”, “ought to be Happy, so he did not need it , fate gives you an opportunity, use it to the full, your own people are already on the way to you”, “Leska don’t worry mustache… just mi obiano not quiet people, I Damo cluch from serta not Tim people…” — written in the users.

Recall, Lesya Nikityuk in extreme mini staged a hot runway, but forgot to put on shoes.

Earlier Znayu reported, grandma Lesya Nikityuk remembered the insane youth charismatic granddaughter.

Also Znayu wrote, tired Lesya Nikityuk showed the fate of one traveller photos.

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