After the release of AirPods wireless 2 from Apple

Названа дата выхода беспроводных AirPods 2 от Apple

Apple AirPods 2

New headphones from Apple AirPods 2 will introduce very soon. New miracle of technology, will present on March 25, four days after the presentation they will arrive on the market. Their innovations – have headphones from Apple will have wireless charging. Besides, Apple has announced that the headphones will be able to monitor the health of the owner. Among other things, it is worth noting that the company has long planned to release gadgets, the focus of which will be made on the health of the owners.

Названа дата выхода беспроводных AirPods 2 от Apple

For example, Apple Watch 4 can do the ECG in real time, and their measurement accuracy is simply amazing. However, their price today starts from 13 thousand hryvnias that makes a smart watch from Apple Corporation is significantly more expensive than analogs from competitors such as Samsung and Xiaomi. In turn, Xiaomi is focusing on the fitness bracelets, which have become very popular among those who like active rest.

Названа дата выхода беспроводных AirPods 2 от Apple

At the same time sell AirPods 1 stop this month after 28 March. However, their price is currently about 4 thousand hryvnias that makes the headphones are very expensive in the market.

Recall that the Xiaomi company has decided to abandon the flexible smartphone. The company has not introduced a new product, and decided to leave it for the future. So did the company LG, which announced to the audience that humanity is not yet ready for such smartphones.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company decided to implement several useful features in their smartphones. We are talking about technology, Game Booster, which can increase comfort game on smartphone due to fast CPU if necessary.

Znayu wrote that experts have called the main drawback of the flexible smartphone. It is reported that we are talking about the reliability of the screen. For example, such displays protective film installed will not work, and keys can damage the screen for a few seconds. However, to replace the screen is almost impossible, given the complexity of the mechanisms.

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