After the scandal, Lori Loughlin ruled out of the Feast in The House

Après le scandale, Lori Loughlin écartée de La Fête à la Maison

It will not be in the final season of the Fuller House.

Arrested in the beginning of the week and then released on bail against $ 1 million, Lori Loughlin has not finished with the bad news. The actress, who was accused of having participated in a case of bribes to the major University in the u.s., has just been fired from american tv. Purely and simply.

The chain Hallmark, which broadcasts television movies galore (especially during the holidays) and will often use the talents of the actress, said that she was ruled out of all the projects to come.

Worse still, Lori Loughlin will not be in the season of farewell to Fuller House. According to TVLine, Netflix has no intention to return to Aunt Becky in the last chapter of The House Party, the fifth and final season is expected this fall, while she was yet appeared during the first four.

No doubt, the career of Lori Laughlin will be difficult to relaunch after that.

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