Aggravated assault and criminal negligence: Walmart driver compared

The individual accused of having run into the security guard at the Walmart des Galeries 4-Saisons in Sherbrooke will remain detained for at least the next few days.
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Walmart: Pascal Plamondon tried to block the way to the suspect

Security guard snapped up at Walmart: victim dragged for several meters

Presumably frustrated at having been turned back at the door of the store because he wanted to enter it with his wife, even if the order forbade him, Kouddar waited for the closure of the business before taking action.

At around 5:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, he rushed towards the security guard with his vehicle. The victim was dragged over the hood of the vehicle for several meters before being ejected from it.

On hitting the ground, Philippe Jean, a father of five, suffered serious head injuries. He was taken to hospital where he is in critical condition.

Kouddar, 25, was formally charged from the Sherbrooke Detention Center before judge Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Quebec.

The prosecutor for criminal prosecution M e Gabrielle Cloutier opposed the release of the accused. She asked that a communication ban with Philippe Jean be imposed.

Counsel for Defense M e Kim Dingman postponed on Tuesday to file to fix the time of the survey release.

“I will then be able to assess when we can proceed. I want to review all of the evidence before asking for the release date. I have no mandate to postpone until next week, “said M e Dingman judge who offered to conduct the investigation released next week.


After the events of which he is accused, Nacime Kouddar fled.

Citizen Pascal Plamondon’s vigilance made it possible to arrest the suspect. He tried to block it in vain, but still had time to note the license plate.

This information enabled the SPS Investigations Division to arrest Nacime Kouddar. The latter spent the weekend behind bars before appearing officially on Monday afternoon.

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help the family of the victim of this sad affair. At 10 p.m., the “Support for the security officer hit at Walmart in Fleurimont” campaign had raised more than $ 142,500.

More than 350 people left a message of encouragement on the personal page of Philippe Jean, the victim of this affair.

Philippe Jean’s sister published a message of gratitude regarding this outpouring of generosity and her brother’s state of health on social networks.

“Thank you to everyone who thinks of my brother Phil. I know that many are extremely worried about him. His condition remains critical. Yesterday he started breathing on his own and had a strong reaction when he heard his wife’s voice, which means he could hear despite a coma. I try to keep you informed as much as possible. I am proud to be a Quebecer when I see how generous our society is. Thank you so much on behalf of the whole Jean family, ”wrote Philippe Jean’s sister.

FTQ reaction

Following this event, the FTQ and the United Steelworkers issued a press release asking the Quebec government and the security agencies to recognize the risks to which officers are exposed in the exercise of their duties,

“We have to recognize the work of the security officers and the risk they face in the current situation. These workers must have access to a real risk premium, just like healthcare workers. This is a matter of common sense, “said the president of the FTQ, Daniel Boyer.

“The tension is mounting, our members can be exposed to the virus at any time, they have to deal with stressed, often irrational people. Security workers must be supported with appropriate protective equipment whenever possible and the risk to which they are exposed must be recognized, ”adds Local 8922 President representing 15,000 security agents in Quebec, Patrick Pellerin.

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