Agutin published archival video of his first big concert

The concert took place in April 1995 in SC “Olympic”.

Агутин опубликовал архивное видео своего первого большого концерта

The singer posted this video to Instagram. He said that at the time of publication-23 years, 6 months and 25 days following the presentation. Agutin said that truly appreciates 20 thousand people who came to the concert right now.

The video is a stock footage from the performances and the shots where the singer is in a recording Studio and behind the scenes. The song is accompanied by a video of the author of “don’t go, wait a minute…”.

Fans have responded positively to this record. In the comments many of them wrote that they attended the same concert. The followers wished the singer good health and tvorcheskih success.

Last weekend took place the solo concert of the singer, which was timed to coincide with his fiftieth anniversary. The performance took place in the hall of the sports complex “Olympic”, as 23 years ago. The artist began his career in 1989. He played mostly as the opening act for stars. But in 1991 everything changed with his song “Barefoot boy”, which became a hit and brought him fame.

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