AI can now determine the age of the skin around the eyes

Scientists have developed a new method of age determination.

ИИ теперь может определять возраст по коже вокруг глаз

This technique implies the determination of the age of any person on the skin around the eyes. A person’s appearance may differ from that of his age in connection with the lifestyle, and the skin around the eyes more accurately shows the age of the individual and based on these facts, scientists have developed a new technique.

This technique has been tested on many photos. The study showed, the AI determines the exact age of a person, even pictures where you can see a small part of the face.

This technique, according to scientists, will help people choose the right care for the skin. In this aspect, the choice of cosmetics is carried out blindly without considering the characteristics of the skin of the individual. According to scientists, this method will help people achieve a more youthful appearance.