AirPods cause cancer: scientists shocked all Apple fans

AirPods вызывают рак: ученые шокировали всех поклонников Apple


About 250 scientists have signed a petition against the use of gadgets, which distribute radio frequency radiation. It is used in the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular communication. However, this was to be expected, given that harm to a wireless network Bluetooth is not yet proved completely. And yet, all electronic gadgets are tested for the amount of radiation that may harm the health of users.

AirPods вызывают рак: ученые шокировали всех поклонников Apple

Of particular concern to scientists cause AirPods wireless headphones from Apple. Due to the fact that the device is located deep in the ear canal, when using the fragile part of the body may be exposed to dangerous radiation. However, incidents with these headphones has not been set, so to prove it until you get it. Scientists can only guess how the headphones from Apple can hurt people.

AirPods вызывают рак: ученые шокировали всех поклонников Apple

At the moment, experts have not identified sufficient evidence linking the use of the wireless earphone and the emergence of cancer. Now scientists continue to conduct appropriate tests.

Recall that Apple leaked details about the future of the service a week before the presentation. It is reported that this will be a paid service that will allow iPhone owners to receive the newsletter, and various interesting magazines. However, whether this feature is relevant now, is unknown. Almost all of the interesting happenings in the world can be read in the media.

Earlier Znayu reported that the future GTA 6 is under threat. It is reported that Sony wants to buy the rights to future games from RockStar can redeem Sony to make the game exclusive to the next console Sony PlayStation 5, the output of which is scheduled for 2021.

Znayu wrote that the company Oppo showed the smartphone Reno, who received the top chamber. It is noted, the device is able to shoot with the 10x zoom without loss in quality, and even showed the smartphone in the case. However, not the fact that this is another marketing trap to attract the camera’s attention. Well, let’s see what the device after its release.

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