Alcohol addiction: the most dangerous drink, and the main symptoms

Алкогольная зависимость: самый опасный напиток и главные симптомы

Doctors around the world say that alcohol causes severe dependence. Professor of Kazan state University and expert of the world health organization Vladimir Mendelevich says that alcohol is a substance with high addictive potential-and in their ability to cause dependence it is exceeded only by hard drugs, heroin and cocaine. The more alcohol consumed, the higher the likelihood that it will become an addiction.

The research was conducted on mice, which showed that alcohol dependence can develop very quickly – from the first SIP.

Алкогольная зависимость: самый опасный напиток и главные симптомы

Fastest alcohol dependence causes beer. Researchers from the medical school of Indiana University have established that the beer in the greatest effect on the reward system of the brain and is addictive. And this happens regardless of the strength of the drink, any beer the brain reacts strong dopamine.

However, dependence can develop from any kind of alcohol beverage. There is no safe amount of alcohol. Serious health damage is able to inflict even small doses of alcohol significantly increase the risk of heart disease.

Алкогольная зависимость: самый опасный напиток и главные симптомы

“In accordance with the International classification of mental and behavioural disorders “alcoholics” or those suffering from alcohol dependence, are those who have found withdrawal syndrome (abstinence), increased tolerance – the desire to “raise the dose” and so on. The number of drinks, like quality, are not relevant to the diagnostic criteria,” says Mendelevich.

In addition, alcohol accelerates the aging process. The abuse of alcohol makes the human body inside and out.

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