Alexandra and Audrey Lamy may end up in Ten Percent

Alexandra et Audrey Lamy pourraient se retrouver dans Dix pour Cent

The two sisters actresses have said “no” for the moment, but…

After Nathalie Baye and her daughter Laura Smet, will there be another story of a family in Ten Percent ? Alexandra and Audrey Lamy have been contacted by the production, to play in an upcoming episode. And they do close not visibly the door, even if for the moment, they have declined the invitation :

“Because the history that we proposed to do we was racing,” explains Audrey Lamy, questioned by Version Femina, the supplement of the Sunday Newspaper. “In addition, Alexandra and I were already engaged on movies and we didn’t want to go up quickly a project a little too pre-fabricated.”

This is why Sophie Marceau will not be in season 4 of the Ten percent

This being said, the youngest of the Lamy provides that “participating in this series would be a great experience. But it would have to be totally available and have a blow of heart for the scenario. What would please me, it is that our characters are far away from us, because my reality does not seem to me exciting to tell…”

Then to see in season 4 of Ten per Cent, on France 2 ?

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