Alexei kupin has to cry before the cameras because of Maya Dontsova

Party “House-2” brought to a hysterics of the decision of the bride significantly reduce the guest list to the wedding.

Алексей Купин разрыдался перед камерами из-за Майи ДонцовойBush had intended to invite to his wedding all participants of the project, because he considers them one big family. But Doncova sees the event differently and intends to call to only selected. Listening to this ultimatum, Alex literally crying. He was supported by leading Olga Buzova, saying that Maya is performing before the most important event in their life that she does not care about the opinion of the future husband, and also offend people who can not be at the wedding.

The wedding originally was scheduled for November 25, but was postponed to December 19. The decision the bride and groom took, after consulting with the leading “House-2”, because Alexei has every chance to win the contest “man of the year” and to receive as a prize the property.

As for Maya Dontsova, everything going on she’s clearly not happy. In the caption to the last photo in Instagram Maya wrote that she want to smile, but she’s not coming and now the morale is “in touch”.

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Want to smile every day! Not work????soon everyone will know…but that my friends,is beyond the moral condition….

A post shared by Maya Dontsova (@mayyadonz) on Nov 13, 2018 at 12:28pm PST

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