Alla Pugacheva confessed to the deadly disease: the terrible price of harmony

Алла Пугачева призналась в смертельной болезни: жуткая цена стройности

The famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, who recently lost a lot of weight, scared of fans with its appearance. If postroynevshaya and rejuvenated the singer was admired by others, its last release was seriously puzzled. Alla with her husband Maxim Galkin instead of coming to the funeral decl, where she expected to see, went to the premiere of the film “the pilgrim”.

Алла Пугачева призналась в смертельной болезни: жуткая цена стройности

The singer, who in April for the first break in ten years will give a solo concert, in celebration of its 70th anniversary, appeared on the red carpet, dressed in a short leather skirt, a jacket and stylish hat that complements glasses. Journalists immediately surrounded Alla Pugacheva and began to ask many questions, including about her appearance. Despite the fact that celebrities are talking about it was clearly not very nice, she said a few words to Vadim Vernik. She noted that at the buffet there are a variety of Goodies, but she couldn’t eat them, and then explained why: “Many to enumerate. Concerts on the nose, diabetes, old age. It is necessary to live longer — so eat less“.

Алла Пугачева призналась в смертельной болезни: жуткая цена стройности

It should be noted that Nastya Kamensky has published on his page in Instagram the with a man who is well, very similar to her popular producer Potap, then the network has spread rumors that she is looking for a replacement.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” famous Kim Kardashian, who gained popularity due to their body and participate in the reality show, actively engaged in the page in the social network, which regularly post fresh photos. Not so long ago, she posted a picture during the fitting Frank bright outfit in one of the shops, it is in the middle of the scattered pile of clothes.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that from my colleagues not far behind, and popular Lesya Nikityuk, who also likes to post pictures, the latest being the Paris airport, where she sits at the window with their Luggage. Fans showered her with compliments, while there were many who were jealous of her travels.

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