Alla Pugacheva suddenly reacted to the death decl: boy

Алла Пугачева неожиданно отреагировала на смерть Децла: мальчик мой

The prima Donna of the Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva heard about the death of Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Detsl) and responded to this sad and unexpected news in his Instagram.

On Sunday, February 3, reports the edition “” with a link to the post in the official page of the singer in Instagram.

“What is it?! Boy, where have you gone?” — posted by prima Donna Alla Pugacheva.

Алла Пугачева неожиданно отреагировала на смерть Децла: мальчик мой

The followers of the star expressed their deep condolences on the death of the young rapper. Decl, who turned 35 years old, has already become an idol for a whole generation.

“He’s alive in our hearts,as we remember him and sing his songs…blessed memory,” – said in the comments.

“He was my idol! Let the land rest in peace,” he added.

Алла Пугачева неожиданно отреагировала на смерть Децла: мальчик мой

“Cry… very Very sorry…. It was the time of our youth. As life turns,” added Anna.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Izhevsk (Russia) died rapper Kirill Tolmatsky “Decl”. Before the death of Cyril Tolmatsky said on Twitter that he goes from Perm to Izhevsk.

We will remind that on the night of 3 February after a concert has died, the rapper Decl. According to preliminary information concert Director Tolmatskogo he died from cardiac arrest.

Also recall the unsuccessful attempts to revive decl caught on video, footage 18+

Decl played in Izhevsk. After the concert, he went to the dressing room, and in a few minutes he became ill.

“Preliminary information – he suffered cardiac arrest and died,” said Alenezi, concert Director of the musician.

The artist was a pioneer and shining star of fashion musical direction of rap, brightly broke out in the early 2000s.

It turned out that the famous singer, in some incredible way he had predicted his death three years ago.

We will remind, died Decl Cyril Tolmatsky: become aware of the cause of death of the rapper.

As previously reported by the portal Know.ia star “Flying over the cuckoo’s nest” died in terrible agony.

Also Know As.ia wrote that he died of a cult Soviet actress: these films grew more than one generation.

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