Allegrova no longer goes to the pilots after the incident in Novy Urengoy

“Empress” Russian pop music told an interesting story about your adventures in December 1990, when only began a solo career.

Аллегрова больше не ходит к пилотам после происшествия в Новом Уренгое


In that distant time, Irina Allegrova visited New Urengoy. There singer had to move the old MI-8 helicopter. Before the flight she saw a rotorcraft of the two technicians who worked extensively with a wrench. When allegrovoj and her friends eyes widened in surprise, workers started to calm down guests and asked not to worry because there is a small breakage, but it is absolutely not bear risk. The mood Allegrova immediately deteriorated. She feared becoming a victim of the crash. The actress sat in the cockpit of a helicopter, and there the two pilots and Navigator.

When rotor helicopter began to gain altitude, the crew decided to show Allegrova deer. Under them stretched the great white from the snow space. The pilots asked the singer if she saw the deer, she replied in the negative. Then the Navigator said that these animals hiding under the trees, but Allegrova saw nothing but snow and trees. Then the pilots decided in any case to demonstrate the singer of deer and began to decline sharply.

In a moment the artist thought that the helicopter falls and began violently screaming. She still saw deer and were required to save her. Having survived the incident in Novy Urengoy Allegrova no longer goes to the pilots, but they don’t want to see her on Board. Surely after this case, the soloist told them a lot of “nice” words, so they prefer to travel without it