Almost naked Lorak showed how having fun after divorce

Почти голая Лорак показала, как развлекается после развода

Ani Lorak

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who now lives and actively building a career in Russia, and also goes to concerts in Russian cities, presenting their show “Diva”, has decided to once again warm up interest of public to the person. On his page in the social network actress posted a new photo, apparently from a hotel room, which caused a flurry of comments.

In the photos, which appeared in the account of Ani Lorak, she appeared on the overview of the public lying on the couch in a revealing outfit. For the photo shoot, the actress wore a brown top with short sleeves and short black shorts that bare her long legs. Apparently, lorac decided to pretend that just got out of the shower, after all, on her head a turban out of a towel, but her face is makeup. In this she was rebuked by attentive fans.

After a concert in the Russian Ulyanovsk and before the concert in Saratov Ani Lorak decided to make a day off and spend it in the hotel room watching the fashion magazines. At least that is the impression one gets looking at these photos. In the caption to the photo, the actress wrote: “Today is a day off. Time to relax. And tomorrow will see you again! #shoediva #Saratov #тур2019”.

Fans do not have to wait long and began to actively discuss the new publication star. So, the most dedicated fans fall asleep lorac compliments in the comments, but noted that the actress has aged, and her attempt to keep youth only spoil her natural beauty.

“More such photos”, “how beautiful”, “You are very beautiful. Relaxation is always needed. And the atmosphere that is necessary”, “Good stay”, “Unreal beauty”, “Beautiful woman”, “Good idea, when there is no hair, towel on the head”, “Lazarev who took the picture?”, “With makeup and in a towel. Well just got out of the shower” – write in the comments to the photo.

We will remind, wet lorac bare and then it began, the fans could not resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ani Lorak disappointed even Russian fans.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Ani Lorak has announced yet another performance at Putin’s TV channel.

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