Almost on the neck Kirkorov: Rudkovskaya praised the ambition of the son

The boy had taken the “correct position,” writes the producer from his account on the social network.

Почти на шее у Киркорова: Рудковская похвалила амбиции сына

Today, the Russian producer Yana Rudkovskaya published a “Mimino” photo with his son Sasha made for the birthday of my daughter, “the king of pop” Philip Kirkorov. In the photo the child is sitting almost on the neck of the singer, that Rudkovskaya called the “right position” and praised the ambition of the son. Obviously, in show business always solve all the useful links, and the producer is glad that through her son Kirkorov will be able in the future to build a good career.

But not all fans were able together with Rudkovskaya will admire her the son on the Man who he saw in Sasha stiffness and tension, like a small well-behaved animal. In his earlier interview Rudkovskaya told that “the child should not be pitied,” the more impossible to feel sorry for the boy with pity “real” man will not grow.

Почти на шее у Киркорова: Рудковская похвалила амбиции сына


Sasha’s parents were told for many years that “second place is a loss,” the boy is simply forbidden to speak out on the ice so bad. Your Dwarf of Genomica Rudkovskaya could easily lock in a dark room as punishment, and beating him with a belt, but not “this belt, small thin belt”, the star told the press personally. And this is only part of the aforementioned methods of raising the boy.