Already 50,000 signatures for free electricity

Over 50,000 people have signed a petition asking Hydro-Québec to provide electricity free of charge to all Quebecers during the coronavirus crisis.
The online petition was launched five days ago on the site , by a certain Thierry Charest.

“Given the current COVID-19 crisis and its catastrophic economic repercussions for tens of thousands of Quebec families, we request that Hydro-Québec offer its electricity 100% free of charge, for an indefinite period, to all its customers (individuals and businesses) ) in Quebec ”, can we read as a summary.

The forced closure of several businesses and businesses, on the orders of Public Health, has caused thousands of job losses in the past few days.

If Hydro-Quebec indicated Tuesday not to consider lowering its rates temporarily, as is the case in Ontario, the Crown corporation had already announced measures to facilitate its customers.

The penalty fees for unpaid invoices are suspended for all of its customers and the winter moratorium during which no interruption of service is allowed, which was to end on March 31, is extended until further notice.

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