Always charge for excess transactions

As fewer and fewer merchants accept cash, consumers are calling for the lifting of debit card transaction limits.
S ylvie Young feels that Desjardins and the others could do much more in this time of crisis. “I have a maximum of 30 transactions, for others, it’s 25, etc.,” writes Ms. Young. But as businesses take less and less cash, Desjardins take advantage of us by ensuring that we exceed our transaction limits. And there, they charge us with “crazy prices” per purchase each time we use the debit card a stroke that exceeds our transaction limit. ”

Spokesperson Chantal Corbeil told the Sun that Desjardins does not plan to change transaction fees for the moment. “We offer very advantageous packages depending on the use of each (12 transactions for $ 3.95 per month, 30 transactions for $ 8.95 per month and unlimited at $ 13.95 per month). We have special offers for students (free), people aged 60 and over ($ 4 discount) and for professional orders, says Ms. Corbeil. It is important to note that our members can change their plans at any time on Accès D, especially if their use increases. ”

Contactless payment by Desjardins credit card has been increased to $ 250. The measure does not currently apply to debit cards. Work is continuing on this, said the spokesperson.

At the National Bank, several support measures have been proposed for individual and commercial customers, but for the moment, no levying of fees for excess transactions.

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