Amazon will sell the iPhone and iPad without intermediaries

This may mean that the cost of genuine gadgets from Apple in the marketplace is considerably reduced.

Amazon будет продавать iPhone и iPad без посредников

Amazon, which owns the eponymous shopping site on the Internet, made an official announcement that it will sell the iPhone and iPad without intermediaries. Previously, buyers had the opportunity to purchase gadgets on the website only from unofficial dealers. They, in turn, could be installed on smartphones and tablets as many of greater value, it was not certain that the gadgets are not fake. On the official price directly from Apple Amazon could only sell the headphones and branded computers.

As representatives of a trading platform, due to the fact that they will now directly sell iPhone, iPad, and a smart watch Apple Watch, the company intends to toughen its policy towards counterfeits. According to statistics from public sources, according to 2018 through Amazon was more than 70% of sales of Apple gadgets.

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