AMD demonstrated the world’s first 7-nm graphics processor

The presentation took place on 6 November at the Next Horizon in the United States.

AMD показала первый в мире 7-нм графический процессор


Organization AMD demonstrated the world’s first 7-nm graphics processor Vega, characterized by small size and large capacity. On the area of 331 sq. mm engineers managed to place 13.2 billion transistors. Manufacturers say that the device is workable with previous versions 25%. 7-nm graphics processor consumes little power and quickly performs its functions. It can be used for mining virtual coins, it supports AI systems, machine learning and other important functions.

Representatives for AMD did not mention the date of receipt of the card Vega. But the developers have promised to release the accelerator RX17 Neo before the end of this year. Radeon Instinct MI60 MI50 able to perform complex tasks.

AMD also demonstrated a 64 processor cores on the architecture of Zen 2. The device is also released for 7-nm process. By 2019, the manufacturer is going to transfer all their chipsets on the Zen 2.

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